Manitou is proud to announce it’s membership with the Maine Camp Experience (MCE) group of camps. MCE represents a community of 30 of the finest camps in the country whose goal is to provide incredible summer camp experiences each year to campers and their families.

From the clear and expansive lakes to the tall pines to the breathtaking coastline, summers in Maine are hard to beat. MCE has developed a website,, that details all of the wonderful benefits to a Maine summer and is a good resource for any prospective camp family who is considering sleep away summer camp for their child.

Another benefit to being part of MCE is that our camp families and prospective families are eligible for some wonderful offers from MCE partners. For this summer, MCE is offering a $5000 Tuition credit to any current camp parent who shares a camp memory on the MCE website. It’s a simple process and we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity. To do so, please visit: MCE Win Tuition.

Prospective families too are eligible to win the $5000 tuition credit. To find out how, please visit: MCE Win Tuition.

We will notify of any other offers as they become available.

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