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Packing Tips

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Please refer to the packing list when packing your son for the summer.

We have also created a Visual Packing Display.

  • Pack and ship your son’s clothes and equipment approximately 2 weeks before he departs for Manitou. If there is any equipment that he will need to use in the days leading up to camp (such as a tennis racquet or baseball glove), he can bring it with him to camp in a travel bag. Please pack with your son and make sure he knows what is being sent!
  • Our counselors unpack all campers prior to their arrival so it is important that their bags arrive at least 4 days before the campers arrive. We recommend Camp Trucking for transporting luggage to camp.
  • We ask that each camper wear a Manitou maroon t-shirt on the first day of camp (this is especially important for campers traveling with our escorts). Please remember to set aside a Manitou t-shirt when packing your son’s bags.
  • We request that campers leave valuable items at home, as Manitou cannot be held responsible for lost items of value. Campers may bring mp3 players, iPod shuffles or Nanos for music only (no games or videos) – larger iPods or any other media players with a screen, including Kindles, are not allowed). Do not send video games (such as Nintendo 3DS or Playstation Vita), but encourage him to bring his favorite board game or a deck of cards.
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  • Upon departure, your son’s bags will be shipped as indicated by your Luggage Form. If you have post-camp travel plans, consider having your son set aside the clothes he will need because bags often take more than a week to arrive at your home.
  • Laundry is done once a week, on site. Please pack accordingly and send along two laundry bags. The items on the recommended packing list are more than adequate for a week’s worth of clothing.
  • If your son(s) takes medication, you must order the appropriate amount of medication for his summer camp session through PackMyRx (see Infirmary section). Our medical staff will receive it from PackMyRx prior to his arrival. This is very important – it ensures proper amounts and no handling in luggage or while traveling.
  • Manitou provides linens, shower, and beach towels for each camper so it is not necessary to pack these. For comfort, some campers choose to bring their own which is also fine. Each camper’s laundry and bed linens are washed once a week while towels are washed daily.
  • Manitou recommends Camp Trucking for the shipping of luggage to and from camp.

Safety is top priority at Manitou. Please do not send any high-voltage electric appliances or devices such as irons, microwaves, TVs, etc.