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Manitou Extras

Tennis Intensive

Manitou is excited to offer a popular program to intermediate and advanced level tennis players who want some extra tennis coaching and instruction this summer.

Manitou’s Tennis Director, who is a USTA Level 1 Pro, will run an intensive tennis program (in addition to our regular instructional tennis program) for serious tennis players who want some extra, more individualized instruction from a tennis pro. The program is geared for campers who wish to play at an advanced competitive level and/or who have a strong passion for the game.

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Program Specifics

Classes will be grouped by ability level with no more than 4 participants per class to ensure individualized coaching. Attention to details such as footwork, court position, court movement, shot selection (basic top spin, slice,…), offensive and defensive strategy, understanding their opponent, and how to protect their weak-side. In other words, the Instructor will train fitness, mental aspects, and techniques using modern game methodology.

Who is this good for?

Intermediate and advanced level players. An intermediate level player should be able to carry on an extended rally and have some basic match play experience. Advanced level players have match experience and want to play competitively in school and/or USTA events.

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How many sessions are there, and when?

Each participant will get 6 classes per session (12 for full season campers). Classes are scheduled to minimize the impact on a camper’s regular itinerary. No major camp events or trips will be missed.

Cost: $200 per session ($400 for the full summer).

The Instructor will meet with all participants during the first few days of camp to coordinate groups and schedules.

How do I enroll my son?

Please complete the following form:

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Introductory College Prep & SAT Course

Manitou is excited to offer an Introductory College Prep and SAT Course, available to all Manitou campers who have finished 9th and 10th grade.

The course will consist of 18 sessions (9 the first session and 9 the second session), each focusing on specific topics of the SAT exam and the college search and application process.

The program will also consist of a trip to a local college (Manitou has close administrator connections at both Colby College and Bowdoin College) as well as discussion on how to use camp in your college application. Many Manitou counselors (former campers) who attend wonderful schools have been through the college application challenge and can share their insights and experiences.

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The program costs $550 for full summer course ($300 for half summer) and includes the college visit and all course materials.

For further information or questions, please email Josh Levy at .

To register, please complete the SAT & College Prep Form in your myManitou account (Forms section). For full description and syllabus, please see the document College Prep and SAT Course in your myManitou account - Documents section.

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Manitou offers tutoring in a number of subjects for all ages. Tutoring classes are $20/session (with a Manitou staff member who is not a professional educator) and $50/session (with a professional educator on the Manitou staff). Each session is 50 minutes.

To set up tutoring for your son, please complete the Tutoring Form in your myManitou account. You will be contacted before the summer begins about materials and goals for the summer. If you have any questions, please email Josh Levy at .

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Whitewater Rafting

One of the most exciting trips out of camp occur during our visits to the Kennebec River in northern Maine. Manitou offers these trips for high intermediate campers (completed 6th grade) and older.

Trips are organized by age group and run concurrently with the weekly trip day program. Each trip includes safety instructions, equipment transportation and all meals.

To enroll your son, please complete the Whitewater Rafting waiver in the forms section of your MyManitou account.

Cost: $135

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Ice Hockey

In additional to our regular Hockey instructional program on campus, Manitou offers on-ice hockey instruction and skating time at a local ice arena. There are usually two sessions per week. Time, and ice space, is broken up for both free skate and hockey instruction. Skates can be rented at the arena, and hockey gear should be brought up to camp.

There is no charge for ice skating or ice hockey. Signups for each trip will happen at camp, but please email us at before the summer to let us know if your son would like to do the on-ice hockey instructional.

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Manitou is excited to offer BMX Biking as an optional activity this summer. Campers will be able to get some on-site instruction, and participate in an off-site trip to a BMX park.

BMX will be for campers 11 and up. To sign-up, please email us at . We will follow up in June with a consent waiver and further details about the off-campus trips. BMX Trips will be scheduled based on demand.

Please note that each of these programs is optional and sessions are scheduled during periods that have minimal impact on a camper’s regular schedule (no major camp events, trips, or evening activities will be missed).


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