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Meet the Directors

Experienced owner/directors lead our summer camp for boys.

Letter from the Directors

Jon and Dave, former campers and bunkmates, have been at Manitou for nearly 30 years.

Summer camp in Maine means sunny days, cool nights and fresh air. But there is something even more unique about our summer camp. We call it Manitou Magic.

It’s the bond between campers and counselors. A sense of family strengthened by the presence of cousins, brothers, and sons of former campers. Learning not only how to play, but how to win and, yes, lose. It allows the youngest camper to compete in front of the whole camp without fear - he’s among friends cheering him on, no matter what.

It means unmatched amenities, like a lighted ball-field with a replica of the Green Monster from Fenway Park. A drama program led by five full-time theater professionals. Camp-outs on our own island or within a gated fortress deep in the woods. The magic doesn’t end with the summer - it continues all year with ski trips and reunions at major sporting events across the country.

If you think Manitou Magic sounds corny, that’s OK - we didn’t make up the name. Our campers did.

Jon & Dave

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Manitou Magic

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