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Camp Clothing & Equipment

Camp Manitou partners with the CampSpot to provide families and staff with uniforms and equipment. CampSpot has been providing excellent service to camp families for more than fifty years.

CampSpot may also be reached by phone at (973) 994-7416. A complete CampSpot catalog, including a recommended clothing and equipment list and a calendar of local show dates, is mailed to current families in January.

Camp Uniform

There is a minimal camp uniform that must be purchased and details may be found in the CampSpot catalog, available online at the CampSpot.

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Camp orders are custom.

They take time to purchase and process. Ordering early will give you time to make any necessary size exchanges and pack prior to luggage pick up. Simple, active-wear is best - nothing fancy!

If you have any questions, you may reach CampSpot directly at (973) 994-7416 or visit their website.

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Shin guards and a baseball glove are required for camp activities (such as College League).

Helmets and full padding are required for ice-hockey and full padding for roller-blading.

Many campers also bring a tennis racquet, cleats, and a sleeping bag (for overnight camping).

If you have any questions or concerns about safety and/or equipment, please feel free to contact the camp office.

Please remember — camp orders are custom. They take time to purchase and process.