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The Men of Maroon & Gray Manitou Online

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In-person reunions. Wear Manitou Day. Community milestones such as weddings and announcements. During the summer, College League scores and daily activities. Manitou’s Facebook page highlights community happenings and promotes involvement. If you do nothing else, follow Manitou on Facebook.



Manitou tweets important content aimed at parents, staff, alumni, and older campers, highlighting creative ideas, discounts to help with summer visits to Maine, and opinion pieces promoting the benefits of camp.

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Visit it for real time photos and videos of Manitou events, shared by the camp and the wider community. Keep an eye on #toumagic and be sure to check in during major events.


A lot of great people from a variety of industries share connections with Manitou, making the camp’s LinkedIn group a good place to start networking. Get connected now!

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