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Staff Prerequisites

by Jon Deren

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Athletic Departments

We look for professional and friendly coaches and instructors who have high school and college level playing or coaching experience. You need to demonstrate advanced knowledge of rules, strategy, and game play as well as the ability to cultivate sportsmanship and teamwork in youth.

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Waterfront - Boating

Instructors must have advanced knowledge and skill in their respective activity area. Waterski and wakeboard instructors should be 21 and have boat-driving experience. Strong swimming ability as well as current first aid and CPR certifications are required.

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Waterfront - Swimming

Instructors must have current American Red Cross WSI certification, plus CPR and First Aid certificates. Instructors will teach according to the standards set forth by the American Red Cross and have the option to coach a swim team as well. Lifeguards must have a current American Red Cross Lifesaving certificate plus CPR and First Aid certificates.

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Creative Departments

Instructors should be majoring in or have professional experience in their respective field. They must have extensive knowledge of the required equipment, techniques and computer applications (as applicable).

Staff Training

All counselors are required to attend an eight-day orientation prior to the arrival of the campers.