It’s impossible to fully recreate camp at home. It wouldn’t be “camp” if you could. Camp values, however, are based on developing a foundation of good character and transcend any physical difference between camp and home life.

Hopefully, for those of you whose son(s) returned from Manitou this past summer, you noticed some positive change in behavior and spirit.

The entire camp experience is made of teachable moments, and one of the biggest is how to live with a group of people. Campers learn to pick up after themselves, respect each other’s property, and maybe say a few extra “Please” and “Thank You’s.” At camp, children help determine how certain parts of their day are spent. Their advice is actively sought, and they feel like equal players. This environment helps them build confidence, self advocate, and feel like a contributing member of the cabin and team.

We hope these good habits stay alive long after the summer is over, and discussing camp memories are common around the house. If anyone needs help creating a job wheel, let us know!

To help keep the camp spirit alive, and our camp family connected, we’ve got a full roster of Winter Program reunions and events lined up…check it out here.

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