At Manitou, it is tradition each summer to hold a 5 and 1/2 week long competition that we refer to as “College League.” This unique inner camp program begins by separating our entire camp community into four equal teams. Each team is then paired up with a dean that has demonstrated exemplary leadership skills and possesses a passion for all things Manitou. Becoming a dean is a true honor in this community and is a role that others look up to and hope to become one day.

Each day, campers strive to do their best in activities that range from land and water sports to musical and dramatic arts. Through college league, our overarching goal is to integrate the values of Manitou through sportsmanship, integrity, tradition, brotherhood and the art of both losing and winning gracefully.

The bonding that stems from being a part of these tight-knit teams brings new campers and veterans together in a way that lets each of them shine. Look forward to future announcements from the Rutgers Scarlet Knights, the Arkansas Texas Wonderboys, the Murray State Racers and the North Texas Mean Green!

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