Before I get to the video, a little background on this event you will surely hear a lot about from your son, both during and after camp.

At Manitou, it is tradition each summer to hold a 5 and 1/2 week long competition that we refer to as “College League.” This unique intra-camp program begins by separating our entire camp community into four equal teams. The League begins with a “break,” where indescribable excitement envelops the Rec Hall (a 60+ year old building) as the camp eagerly awaits the to get called out to their team. Every camper, and every counselor, are announced one at a time. As campers and staff get called out, they run/jump/hop into the middle of the floor, encouraged by their new teammates with high fives, hugs, chest bumps, and shouts of joy.

To get a visual idea, check out this video of College League Break Highlights from the past 20 years.

Each team is then paired up with a dean that has demonstrated exemplary leadership skills and possesses a passion for all things Manitou. Becoming a dean is a true honor in this community and is a role that others look up to and hope to become one day. You could ask any senior camper and they could tell what team they will choose when they are a dean, what their team slogan will be and what songs they will sing for the end of College League presentations.

College League loops (a “loop” is a collection of games when all age groups participate) typically occur three to four times a week. Campers strive to do their best in activities that range from land and water sports to musical and dramatic arts. Through College League, our overarching goal is to integrate the values of Manitou through healthy competition and fun events. The themes of sportsmanship, spirit, integrity, tradition, brotherhood and the art of both losing and winning gracefully are discussed by each team, and as a camp collectively.

An important aspect of College League is that at any point during the summer, 75% of the camp is NOT in first place. The experience of College League is about the journey. The bonding that stems from being a part of these tight-knit teams brings new campers and veterans together in a way that lets each of them shine, and feel connected. In many cases, the campers who did not finish in first place at the end have the strongest feelings for their team.

Each team develops an identity to its own – many campers will forever remember their teammates, coaches, cheers, special moments, and songs from presentations. The four teams also gets their own plaque (created by a Manitou staff member) that will hang in the dining hall. The plaques make for some great dining room table discussion, and serve as a reminder to those who were on those teams that they are part of camp history. Let the 2013 chapter begin…

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Much more to come…Look forward to future announcements from the Duke Blue Devils, Bowdoin Polar Bears, Philadelphia Rams and Oklahoma State Cowboys.

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