Wear Manitou

Manitou Nation:

For this year’s “Wear Manitou Day” on November 12, we’ve added a feature — custom shirts for the event. The proceeds of the shirt sales will support Manitou Experience. We partnered with Booster.com (a subdivision of Customink) to create the shirts and they will be shipped directly to everyone that participates. The program works on a sliding scale, so the more shirts we sell — the more we earn and benefit the Manitou Experience program!

Please go to the following link to check out and hopefully purchase a shirt: Wear Manitou T-Shirt Campaign

On November 12, please wear your Wear Manitou shirt (or a Manitou shirt/sweatshirt) of your choice and take a photo of yourself and/or your friends. Check out the facebook gallery from last year: 2012 Wear Manitou Day

Thank you for your support. We look forward to seeing lots of Manitou Maroon and Gray on 11/12!

Manitou Directors

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