The Manitou Volunteer In Training (VIT) Program trains emerging leaders to develop skills they can use to be effective volunteers at Manitou related programs and beyond.

The VIT Program is for Manitou CITs that are highly motivated, ready to work and play hard, and who demonstrate additional responsibility in accepting the challenges of leadership.

What Skills Are Being Developed?

Teamwork, responsibility, respect, motivation, listening, planning, initiative, creativity, persistence, problem solving, observation, game & activity leadership, communication, teaching and caring.

How Are Skills Developed?

VITs develop the skills above in a safe environment through a variety of fun and challenging, activities, workshops and discussions. VITs will create, plan and execute activities during the camps or service day programs. VITs will receive feedback and evaluations, complete self evaluations, and keep a journal to help them get the most from their experience.

VIT Expectations

Manitou has partnered with the Experience Camps for Grieving Children and the Summer Dreams Camp to provide an incredible week for children that would not have an opportunity to attend a camp like Manitou. The VITs must work to safeguard the values of Manitou by treating the campers, staff and facility with the highest level of respect. Participants must hold themselves to the highest degree of conduct and sportsmanship in competition.

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