Island Camping

New experiences, especially ones that evoke uncertainty and are out of ones comfort zone, are an incredibly powerful component of a child’s camp experience. Such experiences are filled with disruptive moments (more on this in a later post), which spark a campers mind. These are events and moments they will remember – memories ingrained with a feeling of accomplishment and bonding with those they shared it with.

An overnight camping trip – sleeping in a tent, lean-to, or tiny cabin with no plumbing or electricity – is exactly that. We want all Manitou campers to have this experience.

A half mile from the docks sits Manitou’s Birch Island, a perfect setting for an overnight camp trip. Over the course of a summer, each younger camper bunk will venture out for a night of barbecue, swimming, scavenger hunt, s’mores and sleeping under the stars.


It’s only about a 5 minute boat ride, but the island still feels remote and secluded from camp.

On the island, there is an open fire cooking area, a nice cove for swimming before sunset, open paths, flat areas for tent set-up, a large campfire pit, and plenty of great s’mores sticks to be found.

When the final campfire embers are extinguished and bellies are full, the campers settle into their sleeping bags and experience the sensation of sleeping outdoors. They return for breakfast in the morning, eager to share stories of the noises they heard, how many bugs they saw, how bright the moon was, and who made the best s’more. All stories they will be telling for years to come.

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