Manitou Ampitheater

The center of camp is undergoing it’s first major renovation since the 1980s!

Construction crews have leveled the old basketball complex, and are developing a new main basketball court, an adjacent amphitheater, and a remodel of the Flag Pole area. Landscapers are constructing new pathways to the fields, a front deck is being added to the entrance of the Rec Hall, and two new basketball courts will occupy the area across from cabins 6, 7 and 8.

The amphitheater is the most striking change as it incorporates large boulders to create a seating area for a couple hundred people. Three terraces will make for a comfortable hangout spot during down time as well as a terrific meeting space for groups of campers and staff.

Underneath it all is a new drainage system to help with water management after a good summer rain.

Other offseason projects include interior cabin updates to a number of cabins – better storage options, new lighting and modernized bathrooms. You will also notice changes to the Upper Fields with additional College League Handball fields and a new outfield fence at Peckham Park.

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