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A few hours after we officially closed out summer 2017, 65 Manitou dad’s and numerous siblings arrived for the annual Father-Son Weekend!

The first night featured a festive BBQ dinner, followed by an evening at the Manitou Casino and a waterfront campfire.

Day two was highlighted by Father-Son activities and tasty meals. All dads and sons participated in two electives in the morning, the Day of Champions event after lunch – preceded by a surprise Color War break, and two more electives before dinner. A Maine Lobster bake and a trip to Giffords for ice cream and mini golf capped the day.

Waterskiing, wakeboarding, banana boating, fishing, swimming, water trampoline, stand up paddleboarding, basketball, street hockey, mountain biking, climbing tower, woodworking, archery and riflery were amongst the most popular activities.

We can’t wait to do it again next year! Save the date: August 10-12, 2018

Some pictures from Father Son Weekend can be found below.

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Additional photos can be viewed in the photo gallery in the myManitou.

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