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Wear Manitou Day connects Manitou Nation unlike any other event! Each year, hundreds of people plan meet-ups and post photos to celebrate their love of Manitou.

Aside from posting photos of themselves in their favorite Manitou gear, participants also helped us raise over $2,500 for Experience Camps

We also challenged the community to participate in contests, and the winning photos are below. A terrific gallery is available at this link.

2018 Wear Manitou Contest Winners

*Most Creative Group”

  • Merlin Brothers

Best Location

  • Tom Jackson (he works on an oil rig off the coast of Australia)

Most Creative Camper

  • TOU: Dylan B.

Most Artistic

  • Dave Thirumur

Creative Family

  • Goldblatt Family and dog Calum (a 2-year old Portuguese Water Dog)

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