Group on Trip

A lot happens at camp in a day. A week feels like a month, but at the same time goes by in the blink of an eye. Staff and campers become consumed with what is in their immediate purview – College League games, bunk dynamics, activity choices, meals in the dining hall, canteen, the weather. The outside world goes by unnoticed and rarely discussed, with the exception of World Cup, MLB, and NBA announcements. For seven weeks, we live in a beautiful bubble, untouched by politics, news headlines and everything outside the front gate.

Then Wednesday comes and we leave our shell. On Trip Day, campers head off in various directions into the real world. Some go on the Adventure trip, some to water parks, some to the beach, others on camping trips. It’s a way for kids to explore Maine, be exposed to new experiences, and see things through a different lens. They share the experience with their friends – they spend time in small groups, where new relationships will form and existing ones become stronger. Back at camp, we relish in the quietness of camp, catching up on emails, writing blogs, planning upcoming events, playing with our children, and enjoying some little sunshine. In the afternoon, groups begin to roll back into camp, and the buzz steadily increases as camp returns to its intended state of activity.


We dive into the next part of the week renewed and refreshed, taking comfort in the familiarity and security of our shell. For another four weeks, what’s next on the schedule, the score of a game, what’s for lunch, and the temperature of the lake will be the most important things in the world….the way it’s meant to be.

  • Sara

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