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Welcome’s to Manitou’s March Madness!

Leaders after Round of 32 and Elite 8 earn a “Manitou Champion” T-shirt and an invite to the Rib Feast.

Overall winner gets a t-shirt, ribs, and Hillman’s donuts delivered to their bunk.

Ice Cream Truck comes if…

  • A 16 seed beats a 1 seed

The entire camp gets an extra lazy morning if…

  • All four #1 seeds advance to Final Four
  • Gonzaga gets eliminated before the Sweet 16.

Every camper gets 5 additional Toubucks for any of the following scenarios:

  • A 13 seed or higher makes the Sweet 16
  • Any College League team from the last 8 years advances to the Final Four

Additional props to be added throughout the tournament

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Group: Manitou March Madness ‘21
Password: rally

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