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Camp Manitou’s Outdoor Adventure program is dedicated to providing campers with a variety of unique and diverse expeditions. Campers have the opportunity to explore and experience some of Maine’s most spectacular natural areas.

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Campers have the chance to hike in Acadia National Park, surf the waves of Kennebunk Beach and overcome the rapids of the Penobscot river at the base of Katahdin. We offer many other expeditions ranging from in camp cookouts to overnight camping.

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We aim to instill a sense of independence and an appreciation for overcoming adversities. We seek to challenge our campers by pushing them out of their comfort zone, whether in the woods or the water, where they can create meaningful relationships and memories.

At present we offer trips such as:

Acadia hiking | Rock climbing | Chartered fishing | Sea Kayaking | Cave exploration | Moose safari | Wilderness skills work shop | Island camping | Outdoor culinary…

More coming next summer!

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