• Landsports

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    Every summer my son comes home a little older, a little stronger, and a lot more confident.

    Alyson, Potomac, MD

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    Climbing Tower

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    European Handball

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    Ropes Course

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    Track & Field

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    Twenty-three activities are taught on land. Team sports include baseball, softball, basketball, football, soccer, roller-hockey, street-hockey, ice-hockey, volleyball, lacrosse and European handball.

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    Crazy Fun

    Individual activities include archery, BMX, camping, climbing on our 50-foot climbing tower, fencing, golf, gaga, mountain biking, ninja warrior course, ropes course (with zip line), tennis, track and field, and yoga.

  • Watersports

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    I learned to waterski this summer! When I first came to Manitou I could barely get up on the short rope and now I’m able to slalom and wakeboard. Next summer I hope to try wake-surfing.

    Matt, Boca Raton, FL

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    Canoeing & Kayaking

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    Manitou offers 16 instructional activities in the warm waters of East Lake.

    Your son will enjoy swimming, competitive swimming, boating, canoeing, kayaking, wake-surfing, water-skiing, wakeboarding, sailing, snorkeling, stand up paddle boarding, paddle boating, and fishing.

    CPR, basic rescue and advanced lifesaving courses are also available.

  • Creative Arts

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    My soccer game was rescheduled because of rain so I went to the creative center to finish my animation project. There is so much to do besides sports. I even acted in a play - my first play ever!

    Jeremy, New York, NY

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    Computer Animation

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    Manitou boasts an unparalleled selection of creative activities, foremost among them its drama program. Campers may also choose from such activities as animation, clay-mation, computer animation, newspaper, digital photography, pottery, radio, set design, tv production, woodworking and, the new favorite, culinary (includes baking cookies!).

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    Manitou also has a camp band allowing campers to learn guitar, drums and other instruments. Manitou has a television studio and a 50-watt broadcast radio station. Each day, campers and staff contribute to the “Dining Hall Daily,” Manitou’s daily newspaper.

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    Manitou prides itself on its one-of-a-kind activities and programs, which include a game center with ping-pong and indoor gaga. It also has a mini movie theater and a tv production studio which produce Manitou Movies, shown weekly in the theater along with video and photographic highlights.

  • After Dark

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    Activities don’t end with the spectacular Maine sunsets.

    Nightly programs include talent shows, dance socials with nearby girls camps, movies, games, plays, campfires, out-of-camp trips, performances by local entertainers, and special events. Activities are scheduled each and every night.

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    Camp Plays

    Four plays are staged in competition and an end-of-the-year blockbuster, The Manitony Awards, is presented by a cast of campers, counselors and directors in Manitou’s unrivaled 8,000-square-foot theater complex, which encompasses costume and set design shops, dressing rooms, and a large projection screen for movies. There is a full-time theater director, a set designer and a costumer.

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    Older Campers

    Even after the nighttime program, older campers can use the lighted basketball and baseball facilities, including the main court in Alumni Hall and Peckham Park. There is also a weight and fitness room, mini movie theater, and game center for ping pong and more.

  • Out of Camp Trips

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    Campers attending Manitou for the entire summer experience an exciting extended trip over the changeover period, grouped by age.

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    Campers enjoy day and overnight excursions to breathtaking Acadia National Park, sandy ocean beaches, amusement areas, and other scenic New England attractions, including whitewater rafting trips, whale-watching cruises, rock-climbing expeditions, and minor-league baseball games.

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    There are also overnight trips to the camp’s own Birch Island, canoe trips across East Lake, and meandering hikes through the trails that wind through the camp’s property.