Creative Arts

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My soccer game was rescheduled because of rain so I went to the creative center to finish my animation project. There is so much to do besides sports. I even acted in a play - my first play ever!

Jeremy, New York, NY

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Computer Animation

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Manitou boasts an unparalleled selection of creative activities, foremost among them its drama program. Campers may also choose from such activities as animation, clay-mation, computer animation, newspaper, digital photography, pottery, radio, set design, videography, woodworking and, the new favorite, baking cookies.

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Manitou also has a camp band allowing campers to learn guitar, drums and other instruments. Manitou has a television studio and a 50-watt broadcast radio station. Each day, campers and staff contribute to the “Dining Hall Daily,” Manitou’s daily newspaper.

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Manitou prides itself on its one-of-a-kind activities and programs, which include a game center with ping-pong, pool, air hockey, and pop-a-shot basketball. It also has a mini movie theater and a miniature golf course. A television studio produces the Manitou Movies, shown weekly in the theater along with video and photographic highlights.