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Crystal Rose Thomas

Wellness Director, Events Coordinator, & Staff Mom, Crystal worked for 3 summers as a counselor & Unit Leader at nearby Camp Matoaka. Crystal joined Pete and the team at Manitou in 2009.

In addition to teaching two daily yoga classes for campers and staff, Crystal started the popular Stand-Up Paddleboarding program. Prior to the summer, Crystal coordinates staff trainings and certification courses and runs the Manitou office. During the summer, Crystal encourages healthy habits for campers and staff alike, and works with the Head Counselor to ensure that Manitou’s staff are happy and healthy to create the best possible community of caregivers for our campers. After the campers return home in August, Crystal oversees facility use at at Manitou, including a number of fall weddings each year. Crystal, a certified Yoga instructor, holds a BA in Theater from Northern Kentucky University.

During the winter months, Pete and Crystal reside on the Big Island of Hawaii with their son Koa.