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Backstage at the Manitou Theater

Manitou Has a Wide Selection of Creative Activities, Foremost Among Them is Our Drama Program Each week a different College League team puts on a show...

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"The Break" and Why Our Campers Love College League So Much

A Little Background on This Event, Which You Will Surely Hear a Lot About From Your Son, Both During and After Camp At Manitou, it is tradition each s...

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Join the March Madness Bracket Challenge

Welcome’s to Manitou’s March Madness! Leaders after Round of 32 and Elite 8 earn a “Manitou Champion” T-shirt and an invite to the Rib Feast. Overall ...

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The 2020 Core Four Bonus Awards

Each week of the summer at camp, our community gathers together at Camp Meeting to hear stories, enjoy the campfire music, and recognize the campers a...

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